Popular mainstage artist”

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A really expressive and emotional voice! Great raw folk rock. ” - Derek Sivers

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Patricia’s soulful voice sings of the beauty and pain of modern life. Her raw, intelligent folk/rock lyrics illuminate the world as it is, rather than how we pretend it should be. She brings comfort and relatability to those who have felt alone and outcasted. Patricia’s music career. Patricia began playing the guitar at the age of five and studied voice with Broadway veterans. In her home-state of Arizona, she has been personally invited to many events including performing on the main stage at Pride in the Pines where she opened for Chaka Khan and Sophie B. Hawkins who described her voice as amazing. Additionally, Patricia has performed at a plethora of venues from intimate coffee houses to concert stages. Outside of Arizona, Patricia has performed at the International Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, The San Diego Pride Festival, and in Portland, OR.

Booking contact: patsilverberg@aim.com

Review from Independent Music Buzz 10/27/21


" Patricia’s new single, “Midnight Special” is reminiscent of all those power female solo singers. With a deep and soulful voice like Natalie Merchant and Sarah McLachlan with a hint of Tracy Chapman, she sings about the mistakes we make and how they don’t define who we are, primarily from people who are outcast from society. She brings comfort and relatability to those who have felt alone and outcasted. 

This folk-rock song carries a swift guitar beat over the harmonica and some drums. Giving the feeling of brightness in the music, she sings “Let the midnight special shine its light on me, let that midnight special shine it’s ever loving light on you.” In other words, things are bad, but we should embrace the hard feelings, the choices we make, and the mistakes we made. You can’t change the past, but you can determine your present and future. She wants us not only only embrace it, but to have empathy for those who feel it more. Each verse is about certain groups that are often outcasted, like a convict and prostitute. She gives them the voice that they don’t otherwise have. 

“Midnight Special” is a powerful song that’s carried by strong lyrics and Patricia’s soulful voice. It’s one that sticks with you and keeps you thinking while also allowing the music into your body. “Midnight Special” is out now wherever you listen to music. "

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